Who We Are ?

Enter Group is an Egyptian Company, specialized in the IT Industry established in 2007 through our subsidiary IT Learning, Software Development, Web Development, Advertising and Consultancy Services. Each one of these subsidiaries has its own Management Committee, Premises, and Staff-members. Nevertheless, all subsidiaries share one common aim: That is to fit together in the IT sphere to deliver comprehensive top quality integrated solutions.

Enter Group has ever since taken many reforming phases until it reached its mature academic and professional status and soon proved itself as the Specialized Training Leader in the Field of IT. We certainly can firmly say: "We reshape minds, careers and even lives"! Throughout our path to the top of the IT training Industry Specialized in Multimedia we have achieved various challenging points on the road. Enter Group has gained various authorizations from most well-recognized leading universal companies in the IT Field.

Our Mission

We have designed well-studied methodologies aiming to deliver top quality and professional IT training to meet today's technology needs. We also contribute in providing the Egyptian market with technically qualified candidates—which consequently improves the overall level of technical capabilities and performance in today's workforce. We have come to realize that investing massively in field experiments and research on "how to train and how to learn" is certainly a smart investment that greatly nurtures the level of information delivered to trainees. That is why we have erected the "learning castle" built on supreme technical skills, sharp vision, accompanied with endless effort to improve. Our slogan cursively draws the picture of how Enter Group delivers the concept of knowledge. What we live to do is delivering: "Realize Your Dream".

Our Vision

Being a part of today's dynamic IT arena, we have concluded how vital it is to stay on the top of the rapidly changing mercury-like-Industry. Consequently we have taken it upon ourselves to stay updated with the top of the line technology releases. We also aim to outreach knowledge seekers outside of Egypt in the near future through expanding our presence internationally to shine our services upon those whom strive for more refined forms of living—upholding industry international standards. Moreover, we have commenced putting together an e-learning project enabling those whom we cannot reach to use our virtual services to obtain the knowledge they are after. We simply look at our potential growth and expansion through the optimistic scope of "NO LIMITS".